Monday, 1 June 2015

Congratulations Arsenal For Winning The FA Cup Again!

Congratulations Arsenal for winning the FA Cup for the second time in a row! You did that once before, we know.

You have broken the record of the most FA Cup wins by a team, 12 to be exact.

And the manner of the win was simply impressive. That should be how football is played!

The last time you won the FA Cup consecutively, if I am not mistaken, you went on to win the Premier League unbeaten for the whole season and became 'The Invincibles'

Now you need to go get some new guys in - an out-and-out striker, a no-nonsense central midfielder and defender.

But forget about Benzema. And forget about Khedira.

Perhaps too, you should go get Petr Cech.

Whom you eventually bring in, we trust you know who would best serve the team.

Forget about Mourinho and his tale of three rivals who play better football but could not win the Premier League.

The Chelsea gaffer must still be feeling sore at your fans' taunt because he surely know deep down that they were right - Chelsea under him do play boring football (In fact, the teams that played under him always seemed to play boring football!)

If you could win playing beautiful football (like Barcelona under Pep Guardiola  and yourselves when you ruled the roost as The Invincibles) why opt to play boring football?

Football should be played the beautiful way.

They don't call football 'the beautiful game' for nothing.

The last laugh is still on.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

If Arsene Wenger Is A Specialist In Failure, Then Jose Mourinho Is A Specialist In Boring Football

When Jose Mourinho hit back at Arsenal fans taunting his team for playing boring football, he really must have felt the sting of the comment because deep down Mourinho knew that the Arsenal fans were right!

If Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failure, then Jose Mourinho must be the specialist in boring football.

Scoring more goals than your nearest competitor and winning titles do not automatically equate with plating beautiful football.

Barcelona and Real Madrid (except for the time Mourinho was their manager), and Bayern Munich in recent times, do the same but they do play attractive football.

Though Arsenal fans may not be happy with their team for failing to win the premiership title for a decade now, none of them would (or could) say that their team play boring football.

Parking the bus in front of the goal and hoping for the lucky forays when playing the bigger teams for fear of losing, is not the mark of a great team who believe in their ability to play attractive football.

You could win titles by playing dull football, but that is another matter. You can't claim that you play beautiful football when you do so.

When Arsenal were winning titles under Wenger, they certainly were not playing boring football.

One reason why Mourinho was sacked during his first stint as the Chelsea manager, despite his success, was the boring brand of football he had brought to the club.

Now, after five years without a title, I guess Chelsea's owner was desperate enough to reengage Mourinho to try to win again, boring football or not.