Sunday, 2 March 2014

Jose Is Right: Arsene Wenger Is A Specialist In Failure!

This is going to be one of the shorter posts.

Jose Mourinho is right: Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failure!

Arsene screws up year after year - for 9 years! And he gets paid for it, handsomely!

Getting it all wrong playing softie Ozil against Bayern Munich.

Ozil guy is so softie that he could not even take a penalty properly, let alone score from one. He has twice failed to score from penalties in his short time with the team.

Not starting with Ox Chamberlain who is fast and unafraid to take on defenders unlike the other players who often only know how to tiki kaka meaninglessly when Arsenal most needed him against a tough and uncompromising team like Stoke, and couldn't afford to lose, was just inviting failure.

Arsenal is a team of shorties, except for one or two players.

Failing to bring in Sanogo early to partner Giroud (a surprisingly cumbersome striker who ought to be sold sooner than later, anyway) against a team like Stoke who have many tall players including 6' 7" Peter Crouch was surely inviting trouble.

Starting with Arteta instead of Flamini was a bad idea against a resilient team like Stoke. Arteta has become more like a standing joke and bad omen for the team when he starts against tough opponents.

Arsenal is also a team incapable of doing anything from free kicks.

When was the last time they had scored form a free kick! 9 years ago when Thierry Henry was around?

The only hope left for Arsenal is to finally sack Wenger.

For this year again, forget about winning any trophy!

It is boringly predictable.

And we don't need Jose to tell us.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Arsenal Were A Complete Disgrace!

For a table topper, Arsenal were a complete disgrace, losing 5-1 to Liverpool in a match many had expected them to win.

Instead, they were 4 down by 20 minutes of the match!

To me, Mertesackar is always a doubt. He is not only disturbingly ponderous but also moves slower than a tortoise.

It is pitiably painful to see him completely outpaced and out of his depths and woefully lost at sea against speedy opponents.

Ozil continues to under perform and disappoint. When he lost the ball that led to the third goal, Arsenal's fate in the match was well sealed for them.

Giroud still plays like a clumsy clown instead of a respectable striker.

What hope does Arsenal have left if things continue the way they did in the match against Liverpool?

Amazingly, Arsene Wenger had no answer to Liverpool's gung-ho-come-out-with-all-guns-blazing-from-the-start approach even though the gaffer had expected this in his pre-match interview.

That says a lot about Wenger's increasingly doubtful credentials.

If Arsenal fail to pull up their socks and beat Manchester United in their next Premier League match, any prospect of their putting an end to their 9 year title drought will quickly vanish much like in the recent past seasons.

Then, Arsenal will well deserve all the brickbats and condemnations that will come their way.

And time, surely, to sack Arsene Wenger.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Another Zilch Season For Arsenal?

ALTHOUGH it is still early, I won't bet against Arsenal not winning any trophy again this season.

You can't hope to win anything if you play with fear in the hearts and lead in the legs against the stronger teams.

Against Man City, which it lost 5-3, Arsenal looked lost and timid. Passing was school-boyish. Defence was amateurish and the otherwise reliable Kos guy looked like he just stepped out of a horror movie and got himself duly injured and stretchered off.

The only saving grace was Walcott.

The midfield was mostly struggling to resemble anything like an efficient engine.

Ozil was mostly Ozed. The vaunted Ramsey left his boots mostly in Cardiff. And where was Arteta? I only saw the red card he picked up in the Championship game with Napoli, which match Arsenal also horribly lost in another hard to understand performance except to blame it on a lack of steel in the legs and belief in the hearts.

Giroud, I don't want to talk much about. He is an overrated striker that Arsenal could do better to let go. This guy just isn't constituted to run .He may be tall, but he just can't run!. He is more tortoise than striker, profligate at goal and lost for ideas. Only good in holding the ball with his back to the opponent.

Talking about tortoises, Mertesacker is profoundly painful to watch when he has to chase after the ball or man. God only knows that most times he isn't so required to do either.

We don't have to talk about Bendtner because he is only part player precious only to himself. But if truth be told, languid may be an adjective closer to a description. Or outright lazy and indifferent.

Well, Arsenal maybe can afford to lose one or two more games at most, but it can't afford not to lose the Dane. Bendtner has to go and Arsene has to buy a hard running, competent and intelligent striker.

We need to see more of Gnabry and surely more of the Ox fellow who is unfortunately indisposed due to a season lasting injury.

What I am saying is that Arsenal need one or two more guys who do well, and do enjoy, effectively running at defenders. Wilshere tries and Cazorla  too, but their efforts are sometimes not well sustained to wrought results.

Beautiful football is nice, but sometimes you have to mix it up.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

This Referee Should Be Sacked!

I am not an admirer of Chelsea nor am I a fan of West Bromwich Albion.

And I hardly speak about referees.

But the guy in black in the just concluded Chelsea-West Brom match needs to be sacked and removed from the referees' roll.

He is a danger to the sport of football. He practically stole two points from West Brom by awarding Chelsea a last minute penalty that even a blind mice could see that it was not one.

Referees should be very wary about awarding a penalty in the last minute of a match, especially one that could very well change its final countenance.

There is not justification for awarding a penalty that clearly doesn't look like one.

No wonder Fergie had been such a strident critic of the English referees' competence.

Granted, Fergie was an interested party and often only spoke out when it suited him.

But if the referee in the Chelsea-West Brom match is the average English referee you get, than I am mighty sorry for English football.

Nobody wants to see hard work, skills and good football go to waste because of refereeing incompetence.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rooney: World Cup Glory Icing On The Cake?

Rooney, you make us laugh lah!

World Cup glory icing on the cake?

Yea, in another 20 years or never!

The current England squad is not only boring, it is a squid!

A limp one.

One of the worse!

The toothless Malaysian Tigers may stand a better chance if truth be told.

But of course our Tigers are not only toothless, they are worse than bumbling baboons if truth be told too.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Who's This Balotelli Clown?

Who's this Balotelli clown?

Even Mourinho could not handle him. What chance does Mancini have?

I just can't understand why Manchester City is still keeping him. They have enough players to dump the Balo fellow a long time ago.

Just why they have not done so, must surely puzzle many an MC fan..

It is never good to have a disruptive character in a team. Fireworks are good for the new year celebrations, but never good for the bath, whether it is your own or somebody else's.

You can do what you want in your own space. Nobody gives a damn, unless what you do is to bash up some guys or shoot sparks in someone's eyes, except your own.

That guy is still in his diapers, as far as maturity is concerned.

Dump him!

Now it seems that Mancini himself needs to be dumped, a hundred times!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Rajagopal, Don't Be A Jaguh Kampung!

After the Malaysian team managed to beat Indonesia 2-0 last night to qualify for the semi-final of the on-going AFF Suzuki Cup tournament, coach Rajagopal came out to say that he was not concerned about what his critics had to say about his team (Star Sport 3 Dec 2012)

He was quoted by Star Sport to have said

At the end of the day I've no regrets because I'm happy to have done something for Malaysian football

I want to remind Rajagopal not to count the chicken before it is hatched. We have not won the tournament yet.

And even if we eventually manage to retain the Cup, the AFF Suzuki Cup is only a mosquito tournament.

Show us that we are champions at the Asian level. And show us that consistently.

At a time when both Japan and South Korea, whom we used to consistently beat in the past, qualify regularly not only for the Olympics but also for the Fifa World Cup finals, we are only content to gloat over village level achievement like winning the Sea Games tournament and the AFF Suzuki Cup.

And while I am at it, what kind of a venue is the Bukit Jalil Stadium? The pitch is so bad and bouncy that the ball often imitates Psy doing gangnam. How can you play football in this disgraceful condition!

The state of the Bukit Jalil Stadium pitch is symptomatic of the state of Malaysian football.

Not only are we unable to get out of the football rut, we can't even maintain a stadium pitch well enough for decent football to be played.

Rajagopal, stop being a jaguh kampung and being proud of it!

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