Sunday, 2 March 2014

Jose Is Right: Arsene Wenger Is A Specialist In Failure!

This is going to be one of the shorter posts.

Jose Mourinho is right: Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failure!

Arsene screws up year after year - for 9 years! And he gets paid for it, handsomely!

Getting it all wrong playing softie Ozil against Bayern Munich.

Ozil guy is so softie that he could not even take a penalty properly, let alone score from one. He has twice failed to score from penalties in his short time with the team.

Not starting with Ox Chamberlain who is fast and unafraid to take on defenders unlike the other players who often only know how to tiki kaka meaninglessly when Arsenal most needed him against a tough and uncompromising team like Stoke, and couldn't afford to lose, was just inviting failure.

Arsenal is a team of shorties, except for one or two players.

Failing to bring in Sanogo early to partner Giroud (a surprisingly cumbersome striker who ought to be sold sooner than later, anyway) against a team like Stoke who have many tall players including 6' 7" Peter Crouch was surely inviting trouble.

Starting with Arteta instead of Flamini was a bad idea against a resilient team like Stoke. Arteta has become more like a standing joke and bad omen for the team when he starts against tough opponents.

Arsenal is also a team incapable of doing anything from free kicks.

When was the last time they had scored form a free kick! 9 years ago when Thierry Henry was around?

The only hope left for Arsenal is to finally sack Wenger.

For this year again, forget about winning any trophy!

It is boringly predictable.

And we don't need Jose to tell us.

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