Monday, 8 January 2018

Modern Football Is An Industry That Will Soon Close Shop Haha....And May It Happen Sooner Than Later

Modern football is an industry that is heading to its natural doom. With players nowadays costing 200 million pounds and the salaries of some of the players hitting 500,000 pounds or more per week we are talking madness.

In Bolehland terms, 200 million pounds is a cool billion ringgit. With the kind of money you could set up not just a business but a conglomerate.

Why would anyone think that a mortal football player is worth that kind of money? And with each passing year, the costs only skyrocket.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Arsenal Should Dump Sanchez Pronto!

Sanchez was supposed to have joined his team-mates in training Saturday last.

Now it seems that he is down with the flu and is staying away. This is rather unusual of the player. The guy is (?) not a shirker and would insist on playing even if he was injured.

We do not know whether Sanchez is really sick or whether claiming that he is now not well is a ruse to force a transfer.