Sunday, 21 October 2012

England: Aha, Sleeping Pills And Sloppy Play

I had wanted to write this post earlier, but anytime is okay now.
Star Sport  19 Oct 2012

It seems that England players had been given sleeping pills the night
before their World Cup qualifying match with Poland which they drew 1-1
with. The clash had earlier been postponed for a day following rain and
a water-logged pitch.

Are we to take that as an excuse for England's sloppy or what some say dozy
display against Poland?

Haha, great essay.

But did the English FA need to use drugs to help players
sleep and better recover before a match? This is the first time I have heard
of such a use! Granted, I am not an expert, but if the result is a dozy one you tell
me what the hell?!

Is future English football going to be dizzy dozy and I don't mean a 'dizzling' one
like as in fantastic?

After England's 5-0 victory over football minnows San Marino earlier, I had cautioned against 
against England gloating over the win. For goodness's sake, San Marino is the
LOWEST ranked football team in the word, even lower placed than the
Bolehland (Malaysia) team!

But you had Roy Hodgson coming out after the 5-0 win praising his young Turks
as fearless heroes and the saviours of English football!

Football is not about fearlessness. It is about skills, strategy,
tactics and team work.

Did Hogson not know this?

I did not watch the telecast of that England-Poland match and I do not intend to.

I have no confidence in the present England squad, with or without Rooney,
much less in Hodgson now.

And England should stop focusing on one player for heroics. The sooner England
is weaned from focusing on Rooney, the better it will be for the team as a whole.
A man does not a team make.

England may or may not eventually qualify for the finals in Brasil; I do hope they not
qualify anyway. The present England squad do not deserve to qualify.

And if England do qualify, at the rate and the way they are going, I don't see
them going beyond the second round.

Sleeping pills, anyone?  

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