Saturday, 5 January 2013

Who's This Balotelli Clown?

Who's this Balotelli clown?

Even Mourinho could not handle him. What chance does Mancini have?

I just can't understand why Manchester City is still keeping him. They have enough players to dump the Balo fellow a long time ago.

Just why they have not done so, must surely puzzle many an MC fan..

It is never good to have a disruptive character in a team. Fireworks are good for the new year celebrations, but never good for the bath, whether it is your own or somebody else's.

You can do what you want in your own space. Nobody gives a damn, unless what you do is to bash up some guys or shoot sparks in someone's eyes, except your own.

That guy is still in his diapers, as far as maturity is concerned.

Dump him!

Now it seems that Mancini himself needs to be dumped, a hundred times!


  1. Honestly, I have no clue about football! Actually sports in general... I just don't get the hype around chasing after a ball on the grass. ;-)

  2. @The Yum List, you are largely right in a sense. But to really get the hype, so to speak, one has to want a team to win badly and always. Without any emotional investment in a team, football, like any sports really, doesn't make sense to the uninterested.