Saturday, 19 March 2011

Potential Hero To Zero?

Now, Arsenal have only the English Premiership title to fight for, having lost to Birmingham in the Carling Cup, Barcelona on aggregate in the Champions League and Manchester United in the FA Cup in quick succession.

Will Arsenal's season unravel quickly now as it was often the case in the recent past as the season came to a close?

If it does, it is just more of the same, early promise and a "sizzling out" toward the tail-end of the season.

What is it about Arsenal that they cannot sustain a good run?

Arsenal regularly have crucial players injured toward the end of the season.

This time it is influential players like Fabregas and Theo Walcott. Now, Jurou is the lastest on the crock list.

Without Fabregas and Walcott Arsenal lose their shape and do not pose a threat to their opponents.

In my opinion, the loss of Walcott is more damaging . Without him, Arsenal lose someone who can inspire fear in the opponent's defence with his speedy runs.

Of course, Arsenal' style of play has become too predictable and opponents have learned to cope with it, sometimes massing the defence with players which makes it very difficult for Arsenal to score especially since Arsenal players prefer to pass the ball to death even when there is a clear opportunity to put the ball into the net.

This, I believe, has often been the reason Arsenal have not done as well as they should.

Arsene Wenger should really rethink strategy, tactics and formations.

But I am afraid old habits die hard and it may just sound the death-knell of Arsenal's remaining challenge this season.

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