Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hail Barcelona!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hail Barcelona!

Manchester United were completely out-classed by Barcelona in the recently concluded Champions League final at Wembley!

This was to be expected, except perhaps to die-hard Manchester fans. Except for the lone goal he scored, Rooney was a lost and frustrated soul. This is what the best football team in the world can do to you, even to someone like Rooney who is considered by many to be a world class player.

Now, Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he intends to delay his retirement as MU coach for another three years to see to it that Barcelona are dislodged from their position as the undisputed European football champions.

But I frankly do not see how Ferguson can succeed with the present batch of players in MU, who  managed to win the English Premiership this year only because of bungling Arsenal.

The only team who could conceivably beat Barcelona in their own game of beautiful football is Arsenal. But Wenger is only interested in beautiful passing of the ball to death to really challenge Barcelona. But, at their best, like in the first leg of the Arsenal's own meeting with Barcelona in the Champions League, when they beat Barcelona 2-1, Arsenal would be a match.

Even if Ferguson manages to bring in new players to strenghten the MU squad, I do not foresee Manchester dethroning Barca as the kings of European club football anytime soon, unless of course there is a complete breakdown of the Barcelona team or players like Messi leave.

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