Thursday, 30 June 2011

Just Let Fabregas Go

There is no reason for Arsene Wenger to hold on to Cesc Fabregas. Wenger should just let the player go.

theSunSports 29th June
It is pointless to hold back a player whose heart may no longer be with his team. In fact, Fabregas's usefulness to Arsenal has long passed. This was obvious during the return leg against Barcelona in the Champions League, when Fabregas's careless back pass resulted in the second goal that practically sealed Arsenal's fate in the League.

To hold on to Fabregas who is eager to return to Barcelona will cause tension and make it worse for Wenger to forge a cohesive unit. It will practically delay any hope Arsenal may have to challenge for honours in the English Premier League let alone in the Champions League.

Now that Barcelona are willing to part with £35million for Fabregas, Arsene Wenger should just accept the offer and move along. In fact, Wenger should act fast to bring in some new players to strenghten the Arsenal team.

Wenger should honestly look for two good, solid defenders to shore up Arsenal's leaky defence and an out and out striker if Arsenal are to seriously challenge for the honours.

Most of all, Wenger should modify the way Arsenal play football. Stop this nonsense of endless passing of the ball. Go for the kill. Mix it up. Have someone who can and is unafraid to take on and run at defenders like Lionel Messi does so beautifully.

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