Monday, 10 October 2011

England Could Do With A Little Less Loonyness

StarSport 9th October 2011
The StarSport headline says it all. Wayne Rooney was sent off for a reckless and totally uncalled for kick on a Montenegro player in the 2-2 draw in the Euro 2012 qualifier last Friday.

But Wayne Rooney has always been capable of some loonyness on the field. So it wasn't very surprising this time around. His supporters are likely to ask for sympathy and understanding by pointing to his father's recent arrest in an alleged betting scam.

However, some sportsmen had faced even worse challenge than Rooney's like the loss of a loved one and in the case of a footballer the kidnapping of his father yet none had done a "Rooney".

For me, Capello is not and has not been a good manager for the England football team. England's 2010 World Cup  fiasco in South Africa is a case in point.

And for a manager who always talks about players' fitness, his decision to field Rooney given the circumstance of the latter's father's arrest and Rooney's uncertain mental frame, is puzzling.

I am not convinced England will do well in the Euro 2012 proper. Whatever it is, England may do better without Rooney.

At any rate, England will certainly do better with less loonyness.

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