Monday, 6 August 2012

London Olympics: Argh!.. Bolt And Lin Dan Again!

The London Olympics's blue ribbon event - the 100m race - came and went and there is no need to mention who triumphed.

The 100m race is usually the most anticipated of all the track and field events, but nowadays it is depressing to see only one man competing. The rest are there just to make up the circus.

There is only one mother hen and the rest are like chickens in her wake.

Until the rest of the chickens have learned to do a sub 9.6, organisers should just award the race to Bolt and stop the farce.

In badminton, the singles final was (again!) between Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei and China's Lin Dan.

Now, Chong Wei had his chance, but as usual just couldn't pull it off against the Chinese ace. This time, it wasn't really that Lin Dan had won, but that Chong Wei had lost.

At 18-16 in the rubber set, it was there for Chong Wei's taking. What was he thinking at that point?

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