Monday, 10 February 2014

Arsenal Were A Complete Disgrace!

For a table topper, Arsenal were a complete disgrace, losing 5-1 to Liverpool in a match many had expected them to win.

Instead, they were 4 down by 20 minutes of the match!

To me, Mertesackar is always a doubt. He is not only disturbingly ponderous but also moves slower than a tortoise.

It is pitiably painful to see him completely outpaced and out of his depths and woefully lost at sea against speedy opponents.

Ozil continues to under perform and disappoint. When he lost the ball that led to the third goal, Arsenal's fate in the match was well sealed for them.

Giroud still plays like a clumsy clown instead of a respectable striker.

What hope does Arsenal have left if things continue the way they did in the match against Liverpool?

Amazingly, Arsene Wenger had no answer to Liverpool's gung-ho-come-out-with-all-guns-blazing-from-the-start approach even though the gaffer had expected this in his pre-match interview.

That says a lot about Wenger's increasingly doubtful credentials.

If Arsenal fail to pull up their socks and beat Manchester United in their next Premier League match, any prospect of their putting an end to their 9 year title drought will quickly vanish much like in the recent past seasons.

Then, Arsenal will well deserve all the brickbats and condemnations that will come their way.

And time, surely, to sack Arsene Wenger.

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