Friday, 18 December 2015

So Now The Special-Not-So-Special One Is Sacked Again!

So, the special not so special one is now sacked- again!

That was a little late in coming really.

When you started the season taking issue with your medical staff, referees, the players and everyone else except taking responsibility as the manager, you can't expect others to sympathize with you.

As the gaffer, the ultimate responsibility and blame for things going wrong and the team's performance lie at your own door and you must be man enough to face up to it.

Whining and pointing the blame on others are not a gentlemanly thing to do and show up your own lack of leadership.

Mourinho had been mostly lucky in his managerial career.

Whether he was really the special one, the jury is not unanimous.

If you manage a team not expected to win anything at all but still go on to win, then that will show you up to be  someone special.

Not when you take over a team on the cusp of winning a championship like when he first took over at Chelsea, or at already great teams like AC Milan or at Real Madrid.

Mourinho has some lessons to learn on humility.

Always bragging and being dismissive of others are not signs of someone comfortable with himself nor of his own abilities. In fact, they exhibit an inferiority complex that perhaps speaks of a man who knew that he was just lucky to take over teams that were expected to do well anyway.

Jose Mourinho is just too egoistical abrasive for the good of  himself and football.

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