Friday, 23 February 2018

As An Arsenal Fan I Would Have Been Mighty Delighted If Arsenal Had Been Eliminated From The Europa Cup By Ostersund!

As an Arsenal fan, I would have been mighty delighted if Arsenal had been eliminated from the Europa Cup by Ostersund.

No matter how much you are a fan, a shambolic team like Arsenal was in the 2nd leg of the round of 32 of the Europa Cup match against Oster, they did not deserve to advance to the last 16 of the championship.

And the blame should have been laid squarely on the manager's shoulders. Arsenal already had more than half a foot in the round of 16 but Arsene Wenger took the half foot out by assembling a shambolic team that was obviously not only incapable to, but also afraid of playing football.

The defence was a total disgrace. Did you not see the clowns in Holding & Co? And when the midfield was also lost with the frontline lacking their manhood, Arsenal were a lost cause. The only thing that saved them was the 3-0 cushion they had brought from the first leg of the round of 32.

Do I think Arsenal have a chance to lift the Europa Cup and save themselves from the ignominy of failing for the second time in succession to qualify for the Champions League next year? No, of course a don't!

Not unless from on onwards Arsene plays the first team and stop taking things for granted.

But knowing the gaffer, that is something nobody dares to bet on his doing. There is a stubborn perversity about the man that costs Arsenal dearly time and time again, year in and year out for 12 years already for the record in both the English premier League and also the Champions League.

Perhaps Arsene is just asking to be kicked out.

Well, can't say that he does not deserve to be - kicked out, that is!

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