Monday, 18 April 2011

Arsenal Do Not Have The Brains

Arsenal just drew1-1 with Liverpool and blown their very last chance to catch up to leader Mnachester United for a shot at the English premiership this year.

They had in fact led 1-0 with just some 30 seconds left to play. But what did the goal-keeper do when he had the ball? Instead of holding on to the ball, he quickly and rashy passed it to his colleague in front which eventually led to a free kick for Liverpool just on the edge of the box.

Even a not too smart keeper would have known what to do when he had the ball with barely seconds  left to go. The worst he could have done if he didn't want to hold on to the ball, was to have kicked it to the opposite end of the field, By the time the opposing team could get the ball back into Arsenal's half, 30 seconds would have been up.

So, the free kick was saved and with time already up, what did Eboue do? He pushed Dirt Kuyt down inside the box in a most unnecessary and stupid move which led to a penalty and the rest is history and so is Arsenal as far as I am concerned.

Arsenal do not have the brains to win the premiership and, if by the most incredible miracle MU somehow bangled up the rest of their games, and Arsenal go on to win the rest of theirs and the premiership, Arsenal really can't call themselves deserving Champions.

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