Sunday, 3 April 2011

Arsenal's Season Practically Over

Arsenal's season is practically over when they only managed a draw with Blackburn when rivals Manchester United came from behind to beat West Ham 4-2.

This means that Arsenal are now 7 points behind the leaders Manchester United. With only a few games left and Arsenal having to meet MU again, few except the brave, the fanatic or the mad or all three together, will predict Arsenal winning the English premiership this season.

Arsenal's failure to exploit their superiority over Blackburn is symptomatic of their style of play. Beautiful football without bite much unlike Barcelona's whose beautiful football is also deadly.

As I have often lamented, Arsenal continued to pass the ball to death instead of mixing it up with long shots at goal.

And Arsenal's failure to exploit Theo Walcott's pace once again put paid to any chance of stealing a late goal when Wenger substituted him yet again instead of keeping him on for the full match.

Substitute Nicklaus Bendtner almost scored but we know that Bendtner is not your Messi or even Rooney.

Van Persie is an over-rated player. He might have scored some great goals, but he is often lousy at shielding the ball.

And what about Fabregas's commitment to the club, with his oft repeated desire to return to Barcelona? We shall see by the end of the season, especially with Barcelona's renewed interest in him.

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