Monday, 21 May 2012

Is Ronaldo Better Than Messi?

Everyone knows who Real's Ronaldo is. A side-step artist and what some say veteran diver. But is he better than Barcelona's Messi?

According to his own reckoning, yes. In an interview with CNN, he was quoted to have said:

Some people say I'm better, other people say it's him...At the moment...I think it is me...

But as far as I am concerned and many others too, I believe, Messi is the real McCoy, the real magician.

One with sublime ball and dribbling skills. One who dares to take on defenders, and does supremely well, weaving circles around and past them one, two , three, four or more with nonchalant disdain and scoring goals from all angles.

Ronaldo, oh, that guy side-steps defenders one two or maybe three and well, scores too. But elegance?

He is as elegant as a bull on heat is.

Ok, his forte is scoring from free kicks. That he does better than Messi I will concede.

A gentleman? Maybe not, beside Messi.

Messi doesn't make any fuss about being fouled. He gets up, this fellow, with a smile and a shake of the  head and he doesn't haggle with the referee as if football is pasar malam (night market) like most footballers try to do each time a refereeing decision doesn't go their way.

Now if you compare this 6' 4" giant and the diminutive magician, you will have to concede that the  diminutive magician is the giant.

And yours truly is not the only one who thought so too.

For the past three years in a row, it was not the 6' 4" physical giant but Messi who won the Ballon d'Or or the world's best football player of the year award.

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