Thursday, 21 June 2012

The England Team Is Boring!

I stayed up last night or rather, early this morning, watching the England-Ukraine match.

And I must say that England played like crank amateurs for the first quarter of the game!

Maybe they were trying to play for a draw which would be enough to get them through to the next round.

Only when the Ukraine players continuously wasted chance after scoring chance to go ahead in the first quarter of the match, did England start to awaken from their stupor and begin to show some semblance of a team that had qualified to play at the Euro 2012 tournament.

But still, it took a lucky break when the Ukraine goalie fumbled, for England to find the net when Rooney had the easiest of chances heading in the ball from close quarters.

What if the lucky break did not come? England wasn't exactly playing like they deserved to be there in the finals.

They lacked cohesiveness as a team and were mostly defensive minded. Their attacks lacked bite and they were not exactly threatening most of the times. Pace? Without Walcott, England were decidedly lacking in pace down the flanks.

I do not have much confidence in this England team. They are lucky to get to the next round, because had the Ukraine goal that was was allowed, England could have found themselves in trouble instead of  topping their group.

Roy Hodgson should start thinking of a more offensive approach.

Faint hearts do not a champion make.

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