Friday, 29 June 2012

Will Spain Win The Uefa Euro 2012?

UPDATE: 4.42 a.m Malaysian Time. I am wrong. Italy have got the better of Germany, beating the latter 2-1. But I still hold on to my views as far as Spain are concerned.

Will Spain be this year's Euro 2012 champion?

A lot will depend on whether Spain can still play their short-passing game to perfection. I am assuming that Germany will meet them in the final and not Italy whom they meet in two and a half short hours from now.

I don't fancy the Italians getting the better of the German machine.

But if Spain play the way they did against Portugal last night, I am not too optimistic of the Spanish dream of becoming the first country to win three major international titles in a row.

Last night was boring.

The Spanish team are getting to be too predictable.

You don't win games by passing the ball to death the way Arsenal do.

You have got to mix it up, long balls now and then, first-timers too and, most important of all, have players who are able to and are willing and not afraid to take on defenders like Barca's Messi does very well.

Otherwise, your opponents are likely able to shut you out like how Portugal did and frustrate you in the process.

And unless the Spainish players stop the cavalier way in which they sometimes pass the ball, Spain is going to have a hard time playing the speedy German machine.

Del Bosque should stop trying to be too clever, not playing an established striker like Torres.

Against the Germans, I dare say that if the Spanish coach fails to play Torres or Fabregas early on, then he is asking to pay the price and my vote goes to the Germans.

But if Del Bosque wises up, Spain is still my choice.

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