Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Word Of Advice For Hodgson: Don't Prima Donna Your Players

StarSport 29 June 2012
England's current manager Hodgson has jumped to the defence of Wayne Rooney in the latter's spat with former England coach Fabio Capello.

Hodgson was quoted to have said

Capello is entitled to his opinions, I suppose, but I always think that it's a bit cheap to kid on a player who was anxious to do well

He further went on to say of Rooney's physical condition

His attitude was magnificent.....He was putting in extra work because he was concerned he was behind the others, having missed the first two games through suspension.....His desire to do well was enormous and we were trying to put the brakes on

A word of advice to Hodgson: Don't jump so quickly to the defence of your player, especially when it is not deserved.

Rooney was obviously not in his physical best or anywhere close to. He couldn't even hold on to the ball well in the match against Portugal. It was just pathetic to see him struggling.

An anxiety and enormous desire to do well is not enough. You must be physically fit in the first place and well placed for the challenge.

But just because he was being lionised by everybody as England's saviour and expected to play a central role, did not mean that he must be fielded and expected to play the role.

If only Hodgson had continued to have faith in Carrol as the central striker and played him from the start with Wellback as his partner, with Theo Walcott on the flank, and even had Ox-Chamberlain play a major role instead of using the Arsenal players as late substitutes, England might have had a happier outcome than being eliminated at the q-final.

There is this weakness of today's managers/coaches - their alacrity in jumping to defend their players whether justified or not or wise or not.

Let your players defend themselves, let them prove that they are men and not boys who can be on their own without the need of a mother hen clacking behind them, especially if they are the ones who start a spat.

Many of today's footballers are just spoiled rich brats anyway. And some of them think and behave like prima donnas.

There is no need to further prima donna your players.

Spare the rod and spoil the child - urgh! 

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