Monday, 2 July 2012

Spain It Is!

4.41am Malaysian Time 2 July 2012

Spain have just deservedly won the Uefa Euro 2012 championship, convincingly beating Italy 4-0!

They were the best team throughout the tournament, playing their scintillating brand of football. Though at times like in the game against Portugal in the semi, they could be boring.

I was a little disappointed that Del Bosque didn't start with Torres, but at least he did play Fabregas from the start and that was crucial. Because with Fabregas, Spain always have a reliable player and play maker.

As I write now, Spain are in the stands receiving their trophy.

As long as Spain did not become cavalier in the passing, I knew they would make it. There were some bad passing, but on the whole they played their usual slick game and the score spoke of their dominance.

Del Bosque did bring in Fernando Torres in the end, and the striker proved his worth putting the game beyond doubt in the 84th minute by scoring the 3rd goal that practically broke Italy's back.

With this famous win, Spain have become the only country to have won three major international titles in a row.


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