Saturday, 13 October 2012

Should England Gloat?

Should England gloat over their 5-0 victory over San Marino?

Against a country whose population is a mere 32,404 and whose team is ranked way down at 207 in Fifa world ranking, England struggled for some 34 mins before opening score, and that too via a penalty kick.

Had there not been a penalty awarded, who knew what the final outcome might have been?

And it was not as if the rest of the goals came from English brillance as from San Marino comedy.

And what was that with Roy Hodgson vis-a-vis Theo Walcott?

Having not started with Walcott in the qualifers since taking over from Capello, why did Hodgson do it  when it should have been a snap against minnows San Marino even without Walcott?

And Walcott duly rewarded Hodgson's stupidity by getting injured. Now Wenger would just love to give Hodgson a well deserved tongue lashing.

And perhaps too, Fifa should stop insulting football fans by allowing teams (like San Marino) that can't play football, to play in the World Cup qualifiers.

A sure way to kill fans' interest is to have a mismatch made in hell.

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