Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Is Arsenal RIP As In A Goner ?

Star Sport 5 Nov 2012
I have not written about Arsenal for some time already because there is not much (good) to write about the team.

Arsenal are still finding their feet, and the earlier they succeed in doing so the better it is for them.

But to say that Arsenal as a team is RIP (without RVP - Robin Van Persie) as in a goner following the 2-1 loss to MU, is a little too earlier in the day. The season is still young and there will be many twists and turns yet.

Other than saying Arsene Wenger should go, the first thing I want to say is that Wenger should not play Giroud..

I don't understand why the manager still persists with Giroud when it is obvious that the player is no footballer.

Giroud can't play football. Period. He can't hold a ball, he is even lousy in the air despite his height, does not backtrack to help out his team mates, doesn't know how to score and often loses his footing when challenged,

He is really useless and stands in the way of play.

I would rather have faith in Chamakh. And we need Gervinho of course, not Giroud!

And Arshavin and Walcott on the wings at the same time. If nothing else, Arshavin is one of the few Arsenal players who has the guts to take on defenders and is quite nippy in tight situations. All he needs is more play time.

As for Walcott, Wenger should tell him to stop being one-dimensional.

And tell his team mates to play the long ball to him early so that he could use his strength here to outrun the defenders and cross the ball into the box.

What is the use of having a nippy winger and not play to his strength?

And what has happened to Arteta? That guy seems to have lost his touch, can't string together a decent pass nowadays. And lacking commitment to chase after a 50-50 or even a 60-40 in favour ball like what happened in the match with MU.

Santos? This guy is too much of a tortoise. Why did Wenger not play Jenkinson? What's happened to Wenger? Has the gaffer lost his mental mojos?

Poldoski has suddenly lost his early promise and now plays as if he doesn't know what he is doing.

Arsenal needs to pull up their collective socks unless they really want to RIP as in a goner!

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