Sunday, 10 November 2013

This Referee Should Be Sacked!

I am not an admirer of Chelsea nor am I a fan of West Bromwich Albion.

And I hardly speak about referees.

But the guy in black in the just concluded Chelsea-West Brom match needs to be sacked and removed from the referees' roll.

He is a danger to the sport of football. He practically stole two points from West Brom by awarding Chelsea a last minute penalty that even a blind mice could see that it was not one.

Referees should be very wary about awarding a penalty in the last minute of a match, especially one that could very well change its final countenance.

There is not justification for awarding a penalty that clearly doesn't look like one.

No wonder Fergie had been such a strident critic of the English referees' competence.

Granted, Fergie was an interested party and often only spoke out when it suited him.

But if the referee in the Chelsea-West Brom match is the average English referee you get, than I am mighty sorry for English football.

Nobody wants to see hard work, skills and good football go to waste because of refereeing incompetence.

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