Sunday, 15 December 2013

Another Zilch Season For Arsenal?

ALTHOUGH it is still early, I won't bet against Arsenal not winning any trophy again this season.

You can't hope to win anything if you play with fear in the hearts and lead in the legs against the stronger teams.

Against Man City, which it lost 5-3, Arsenal looked lost and timid. Passing was school-boyish. Defence was amateurish and the otherwise reliable Kos guy looked like he just stepped out of a horror movie and got himself duly injured and stretchered off.

The only saving grace was Walcott.

The midfield was mostly struggling to resemble anything like an efficient engine.

Ozil was mostly Ozed. The vaunted Ramsey left his boots mostly in Cardiff. And where was Arteta? I only saw the red card he picked up in the Championship game with Napoli, which match Arsenal also horribly lost in another hard to understand performance except to blame it on a lack of steel in the legs and belief in the hearts.

Giroud, I don't want to talk much about. He is an overrated striker that Arsenal could do better to let go. This guy just isn't constituted to run .He may be tall, but he just can't run!. He is more tortoise than striker, profligate at goal and lost for ideas. Only good in holding the ball with his back to the opponent.

Talking about tortoises, Mertesacker is profoundly painful to watch when he has to chase after the ball or man. God only knows that most times he isn't so required to do either.

We don't have to talk about Bendtner because he is only part player precious only to himself. But if truth be told, languid may be an adjective closer to a description. Or outright lazy and indifferent.

Well, Arsenal maybe can afford to lose one or two more games at most, but it can't afford not to lose the Dane. Bendtner has to go and Arsene has to buy a hard running, competent and intelligent striker.

We need to see more of Gnabry and surely more of the Ox fellow who is unfortunately indisposed due to a season lasting injury.

What I am saying is that Arsenal need one or two more guys who do well, and do enjoy, effectively running at defenders. Wilshere tries and Cazorla  too, but their efforts are sometimes not well sustained to wrought results.

Beautiful football is nice, but sometimes you have to mix it up.

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