Sunday, 20 September 2015

Chelsea's Diego Costa Is A Disgrace To The Footballing World!

So,  Arsenal lost 2-0 to Chelsea!

That is something that cannot be changed.

Down to 9 men, there just was no way Arsenal could hold their own against their bitter rivals.

Their gaffer had it wrong again! Just like in the Champions League match against Dinamo Zagreb the other day.

Playing the wrong men in the team.

Against Zagreb, he had fielded a team meant to lose.

Why start with Giroud when it would have been better to have started with Walcott upfront.

And starting with Debuchy and Arteta!

Against Chelsea, if Arsene Wenger had shown more gumption and started with Walcott, Giroud and Oxlade Chamberlain instead of Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez may be a good player, but he is no longer the terror he was last season. So why persist with him in all the games when he has shown that he has lost the touch to score.

After the exertions and the high of the Copa America, Sanchez should have been rested a little longer for him to recover his touch. He is just too tired and jaded now to play his best.

But I am not here to talk about Arsenal.

I am here to talk about Chelsea's Diego Costa.

This guy is a disgrace to the beautiful game!

Football is about skills, not about how you could terrorise your opponents by brute physicality, constantly trying to provoke a response from your opponents to try to get them red-carded and sent off.

Substituting brute physicality for a lack of skills makes football ugly to watch and bespoils its good name.

The trouble nowadays is that referees and linesmen can be so caught up in themselves that they are often blinded-sided by their own self importance and become oblivious to what happens around them.

Often lacking in good judgement, penalising the more minor infractions and letting off the more conspicuous fouls.

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