Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Is Mourinho Fast Becoming 'The Special Failure'?

The self-proclaimed  'Special One' is fast becoming 'The Special Failure'

This should not come as a surprise.

The Chelsea gaffer has lost his plot.

When he can't win games, he blames it on the perceived bias of the referees instead of taking stock of the problems with his own management .

Or he takes digs at Arsene Wenger whom he fears most among the other managers because he knows that Wenger is smarter and his most dangerous competitor and one who plays far better and more attractive football than he himself is ever capable of.

Or he blames the medical staff, ha ha!

These days, instead of the smart-alec smirks, Mourinho pouts to no end.

He knows his days at Chelsea are numbered - and that is putting it mildly.

His self-proclaimed reputation as 'The Special One' is severely in jeopardy.

No one is taking the gaffer seriously these days. He looks more terrible than his squad - lost, forlorn and recalcitrant.

Well, serves him right!

He should pay more attention to football than trying to massage his own ego.

But really, if you looked closely, his past successes came on the backs of his predecessors at the teams he had coached.

Chelsea was a good case in point.

When he first came to Chelsea and proclaimed himself 'The Special One,' Chelsea were already a formidable team on the cusp of winning the Premier League.

Ditto, in Inter and then at Real Madrid

And in all the cases, the first thing he did at the clubs he coached, was to spend big time to further ensure success.

As if confirming that 'The Special One' is not so special after all, the Chelsea gaffer's success at any team never went beyond two or three years.

Unlike Ferguson or Pep Guardiola or even Wenger.

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