Monday, 25 January 2016

Whatever Happens Now, Arsene Wenger Should Leave The Scene Gracefully

Whatever happens now, whether Arsenal eventually goes on to win the English Premier League or not this season, Arsene Wenger should honestly think of leaving the scene and get in Pep Guardiola.

The Arsenal gaffer has lost the smarts he once had. And even the mojos.

Playing tortoise Mertesacker with bully Diego Costa, who himself is no tortoise, in the team for Chelsea was a glaring elementary mistake of a choice and a disaster waiting to happen.

Wenger should have started Gabriel instead of the tortoise. And taking out Giroud was madness beyond belief.

He should have taken out Walcott instead.

And what was that about making Walcott the captain on the occasion just because he just reached his ten years with the team?

Walcott is a one dimensional player.

It is time to sell him!

And cash in on Ramsey too, now that Barcelona wants to pay good money for him.

Losing to Chelsea when Arsenal probably had the best chance in years to beat their nemesis and show who was boss, was unforgivable and showed up the Arsenal gaffer as lacking the mojos and missing the smarts to lead Arsenal anymore.

Arsenal needs someone like Guardiola.

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