Monday, 25 January 2016

English Football Referees Are Easily Fooled!

English football referees are easily fooled.

That is why when you have bullies like Chelsea's Costa, you can get away with murder.

That was what had happened when Arsenal were reduced to 9 men in their 2- 0 loss to Chelsea earlier.

In yesterday's match, the referee should have flashed the yellow card at the Chelsea bully for simulation instead of sending off Mertesacker, though I personally have no sympathy for the Arsenal tortoise.

Any contact there was was only the slightest, but the Chelsea clown made such a meat of it, fooling the ref.

Any referee with a sharp eye and perception would have noticed the farce and seen the ruse as a dramatic ploy to get the Arsenal tortoise sent off.

English football does not deserve referees who lack sharpness or are easily taken in by the theatrical antics of players.

English football does not need bullies and thespians.

English football deserves footballers like Messi who play the beautiful game the way it should be played - with consummate footballing skills, not with theatrics more suited to Broadway.

Even though considerably smaller and shorter than most footballers, the diminutive maestro does not need to simulate or resort to theatrics to win games.

That is the measure of a true footballer with skills.

And English football referees need to show that they are up to the tricks of some footballers.

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