Sunday, 30 July 2017

Arsenal Should Dump Sanchez Pronto!

Sanchez was supposed to have joined his team-mates in training Saturday last.

Now it seems that he is down with the flu and is staying away. This is rather unusual of the player. The guy is (?) not a shirker and would insist on playing even if he was injured.

We do not know whether Sanchez is really sick or whether claiming that he is now not well is a ruse to force a transfer.

Whatever it may be, the long continuing saga and uncertainty over whether he will leave Arsenal or not is not doing anyone any good, especially not to the team.

Wenger should just dump Sanchez and get on with life!

No player is indispensable.

A single player does not win the championship. Sanchez himself is proof adequate. With him in the team for three years already and yet Arsenal has not won the premiership!

In fact, Arsenal has now failed to make it to the Championship League for the first time in 20 so years with Sanchez around.

If a player's heart is no longer with the team, it is pointless keeping him.

Sell Sanchez quick!

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