Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Arsenal Should Not Splash Crazy Sums Just To Attempt To Buy Success

I have not written in a long time about Arsenal. I had long given up on the perennial flops. This season they could not even qualify for the Champions League for the first time in 21 years!

Winning the FA Cup was a consolation. And now that Arsene Wenger has re-signed for another two years, he should not go crazy spending huge sums to buy players just to satisfy the angry fans.

I am never one for spending crazy sums of money to buy a player. The situation is already getting out of hand, with clubs spending like there is no tomorrow. In fact, if player costs soar they way the do nowadays, there might not even be a tomorrow for football itself!

Buying a player costs more than buying a business and the sums just keep on soaring each year!

It is not expensive players that guarantee success. Last year, Manchester United spent like a madman but still ended up in a worse position than Arsenal even under a hot shot loud-mouth Mourinho.

They paid 90 million pounds for Paul Pogba - the most expensive player in the world! The irony is that Pogba was an MU player whom they sold for a penny and paid a king's ransom to get him back! How foolish!

And Pogba turned out to be an outrageous flop! Fool's money for fool's folly you could say.

It is good that Arsenal's alleged offer of 86 million pounds for Kylian Mbappe has been shot down. Monaco might think that the kid cost a 100 million pounds! Well, MU or Real can go get him! Arsenal should not persist on joining in the folly. No matter how magical a player may be, he is not worth that kind of money!

Leicester last year made a blardy fool of everyone and a mockery of the the inane philosophy that expensive is best.

Arsenal themselves were not a big spending club when Wenger took over as the manager, yet under him the club came out tops without splashing crazy sums money to buy success. They even clinched the accolade as the 'Invincibles' for winning the EPL title in 2004 going without losing a single game in the entire season!

And Arsenal should not be afraid of dumping players who think they are too big for the club and want out unless they are paid mad sums of money just to kick ball.

Sanchez and Ozil can leave if they think they that they are too good for the club.

The trick is that Wenger needs to have a team of good and dedicated players (not necessarily expensive ones) who stick by each other and their manager. And Wenger needs to cease playing predictable football. Not the usual one-dimensional, passing the ball to death type.

Wenger needs to mix it up, have players who are willing to run at the defence and take risks at goal, instead of trying to score the perfect goal every time.

And maybe stick to the 3-4-3 formation for the time being and adjust when the situation calls for a change, depending on which team they are facing and what formation their opponents adopt.

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