Monday, 29 February 2016

Arsenal Needs A Complete Overhaul By First Getting Rid Of Wenger!

Arsenal were a total disgrace losing 3-2 to MU, a team everyone else seem to beating this season.

And that too, against a team reduced to 10 men! How pathetic were Arsenal with pretensions to Premiership glory this year?!!!

But the reality is that Arsenal under Wenger have become a one-dimensional team.

They don't play long balls, they don't take on defenders, they don't do first-timers.

All they do is pass the ball to death. Unfortunately, they are not Barcelona.

For Arsenal to dream on by continuing to play they way they do, they might as well give up the ghost.

No point in trying to deceive themselves that next year they will win the English Premiership.

Or the next.

Next year, if they continue the Wenger way, they will get demoted.

To save the day for themselves and their long suffering fans, Arsenal needs to get rid of the deadwood in the team, starting with sacking the manager himself!

Get rid of Ramsey, Walcott, Wishere, Arteta, and Flamini! That will be a good starting point to rebuilding the team.

When Arsenal lost their midfield maestro Carzola, they lost the direction.

And if Ozil is not happy playing for the gunners anymore, sell him too! Arsenal can't afford any player who will no longer be happy playing for them.

The same goes for Sanchez if he is no longer happy playing for the team too.

Arsenal needs a complete overhaul!

No two ways about it!

Start with getting rid of the gaffer!

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