Monday, 25 April 2016

Arsenal: The Consistent Flop

I have not written anything on Arsenal for quite some time now because there is nothing new to talk about the 'gonners'

Arsenal are a one-dimensional team and a consistent flop. They only know how to play passing the ball to death.

They have no idea of first-timers or taking on defenders or anything else.

Their gaffer continues to insist on 'beautiful football' that only the losers know how to play.

It is a team that choke up on schedule. That believe being fourth means being a success.

Their gaffer loves keeping faith with duds - ones like Giroud, Ramsey, Walcott & Co. Or the perennial walking wounded.

Now wonder being fourth is all they can hope for and all they are consistently good for.

Good for nothing is closer to the truth.

Now, if only Arsene would step back a little and see the consistent flop that he has proven to be and let others take over the rein of the club, there might yet be some hope left to salvage Arsenal's future - if there is any left to talk about, that is.

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