Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It Is Still Early On, But Arsenal's Season Is As Good As Gone - Once Again!

Although the Premier League is only at the half way stage or so, Arsenal's season is as good as gone with the 2-1 loss to Everton. I don't see Chelsea losing many games.

Arsenal might as well cash in on Ozil and Sanchez. If these two are only interested in huge pay rises as their contract extension negotiations drag on interminably, they won't be able to play with all their heart.

See how poorly Sanchez played in the Everton match, hardly able to string decent passes. Ozil spurned 3 good goal scoring chances. And the rest of the team similarly played as if it was going to be a stroll in the park for them to beat Everton, showing little urgency and playing with such inexcusable cavalier attitude.

By the 20 minute of the match, I was telling myself that Arsenal would be lucky to lose 2 points. At the end, they thoroughly deserved to lose the 3 points. And had only themselves to blame.

It is hard to understand why Wenger did not sub either Walcott or the Ox by the 60th minute of the match by putting in Lucas Perez. Subbing both speedy wingers at the same time late on with Giroud and the Duck wasn't going to help.

Iwobi is just overrated. This guy can't even run properly. He waddles like a duck and is atrocious at passing.

And Giroud is anything but Speedy Gonzales.

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