Monday, 19 December 2016

Arsenal Are Confirmed Gonners Again

I wrote the other day that Arsenal's season was as good as gone when they lost 2-1 to Everton.

That was a match they could not afford to lose just to stay within Chelsea's shadow. And a match they could and should have won if they did not play as if it would be a stroll in the park against Everton. Being over-confident and underestimating your opponents is a sure way to commit harakiri.

My fears are now confirmed with the team's 2-1 loss to Manchester City in a 'do-or-die' match for both.

You cannot, however, fault Arsenal for being inconsistent. Come Christmas time, they consistently choke up and surrender their collective balls (manhood) - pun intended - to Santa Claus.

And thereafter, it is all yo ho ho and a team of punch drunk fourth graders ever grateful for consistently coming up short.

The Ox's day with the team is over. If the gaffer is still dreaming, it is time to pack him off also. Together with the duck Iwobi.

And where was Ozil? This guy went missing - perhaps on an early X'mas leave. You could hardly find him on the field. If you are demanding to be paid like a champion, you must play like a champion - not go MIA just when you need to show that you are worth what you are demanding for.

No team can hope to win if out of your 10 attempted passes, 12 went missing, especially not when your opponents did just the opposite with theirs.

And no team can hope to win by defending a slender 1 goal lead when you are content to just sit back and let your opponents bombard your goal at will.

If nothing else, mathematically, the odds don't favour you. One or more of your opponents' attempts at goal will find the net, period. It is not hoodoo - just plain law of averages at work.

Arsenal fans should now just sit back and enjoy the same old forth-place magic is good enough at work again.

Poor gonners!

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