Monday, 6 March 2017

Arsene Wenger Has To Go!

Arsene Wenger has exhausted whatever goodwill he had left of the club's long suffering fans with the crucial 3-1 loss to Liverpool.

And he has only himself to blame. Being stubborn may be a positive trait when being stubborn gets you the results you want. But being dense is altogether inexcusable.

We didn't know what got into his head to not start Sanchez. His explanation that the team needed the more muscular presence of plodder Giroud and Wellbeck simply made little to no sense at all!

Giroud did indeed plod and for much of the game, limb. Still, it took the gaffer till half-time before he condescended to bring Sanchez into the equation. And look how that transformed and reinvigorated the team and proved Arsene Wenger no longer has the football smarts!

Still, why did he persist with Iwobi the Duck as the starter? It would have made better sense to have started with both Sanchez and Walcott and bring in Perez at some point than start with Giround the Plodder and Iwobi the Duck.

Just because you have undying faith in someone does not mean that you are right. Or that undying faith will magically transform an average or mediocre player into a Messi or Ronaldo.

There is a thing called misplaced  faith. Wenger obviously hasn't heard of it. Or he never believed in it anyway.

Now, if Wenger loves the club and wants only good for it, he needs to leave and let someone else take over.

Twelve moons is too long a time to remain a fourth-grader. No professional football club aspiring to greatness should be stuck in a perennial rut.

Someone called Luis Enrique at Barcelona is now available. Arsenal has to try to lure him to the Emirates.

There is no time to linger and second guess.

Act fast.

Or rot in fourth or worse!                                  

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